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    Document Review

    Our services include proposal drafting and lease review by attorneys that specialize in real estate transactions, saving you thousands of ringgit in legal fees.


    Just as you would see a orthopedic surgeon for a broken leg, when leasing business asset, it is important to be represented consultant that is specializes in your position with a focus in business asset segment in office, retail, industrial and commercial land

    Financial Anlysis

    We prepare sophisticated custom financial analysis in house to help you make sound financial decisions.


    We have the freedom to work with the best in the business, ultimately aligning you with a tailor built team of architects, project managers, contractors and furniture vendors.


    Not only do we have access to the most comprehensive market intelligence available, we use this information to structure and fine-tune your real estate strategy.


    We use a proven negotiation method utilizing financial and situational analysis creating market leverage to minimize your real estate expenses and maximize your profits.


    Not only do we save our clients money through sound strategies and strong negotiation skills, we find savings in existing leases through rigorous review of operating expense pass through statements.


    Our professionals have handled over 500,000 square feet of commercial real estate transactions from local firms to global corporations. From single office leases to large and complex built-to-suit corporate headquarters, we have the experience to deliver outstanding results

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